Why I deactivated and why I’m back

This fight I found myself in, It wasn't something I picked. It picked me. I had no idea we would end up here when I wrote to Netflix. So I didn't prepare myself for any of it. Worst of all I wasn't prepared for the hate still in the world. A world my daughter lives... Continue Reading →


A child’s purpose

When I was in high school, I was a peer tutor in the special education class. It was a classroom which included teenagers with all disabilities. Unfortunately not much was done in said classroom. My job was to let the teachers know if one of the students needed help or if someone needed assistance with... Continue Reading →

Lets talk about Tylenol and Glutathione

Tylenol is safe in the right dose! Tylenol (acetaminophen) is gentler on the body than Motrin (ibuprofen) which is why doctors usually advise that newborns and medically fragile kids take Tylenol instead of Motrin for pain and fever. For healthy children over the age of 1, you can use either medicine for fever-reduction. The main argument... Continue Reading →

Acceptance and the lucky few

Today something big happened. My daughter put one arm on one side of my neck and the other arm on the other side of my neck, came in close and squeezed. This would be her first unprompted hug. Her first proper hug. At first I laughed with joy and then it quickly turned into tears.... Continue Reading →

Thyroid and Down syndrome

Approximately 10% of children with Down syndrome have hypothyroidism and up to 50% of adults with Down syndrome develop hypothyroidism at some point in their life, so doctors recommend every child with Down syndrome be tested for thyroid function at birth, every 6 months till the age of 1, and every year after that (Source).... Continue Reading →

Erin and Nora

Today we hear from Erin, a physician scientist who is mom to two beautiful girls. She talks to us about her journey from prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome for her younger daughter to having a typical family life with full-time work, travel and a robust breastfeeding relationship.  Please tell us about the time you received... Continue Reading →

Alyse and Lisa: The tale of two moms

Today, we hear stories from two moms whose breastfeeding journeys were cut short due to the health challenges their newborns  and they themselves faced. As reassuring and affirming it is to hear stories of moms that were able to succeed at breastfeeding, it is equally important to hear from moms who despite their best intentions... Continue Reading →

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